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Our very first inaugural recipient of The Gary Atkinson Imagine Scholarship Award is Benjamin Fieldsen and was given through the outpouring of generosity from all who gave to this passion project.  Les Laputz wrote a wonderful inaugural speech to introduce the award as you'll see in the video below.


Scholarship Recipient Selection Criteria 

Creators of The Gary Atkinson Imagine Scholarship ask that the LHS staff use the following criteria in their recipient selection process. Students who:


  • Demonstrate leadership in making their world (LHS or their outside community) a better place

  • Exhibit kindness toward others, even under difficult circumstances

  • Invest in themselves to advance their capacity to make greater altruistic contributions

  • Show a propensity knack for bringing out the best in others

Introducing the very first winner of the

Gary Atkinson

Imagine Scholarship


     Benjamin will be going to UCONN in the fall. He was awarded 4 scholarships, all for excellence in a variety of fields. In addition he is a Ledyard Scholar, plays soccer and tennis, is one of the Captains of the Robotics team, and is on both the math and physics teams for Ledyard.  He is also a member of the National Honor Society where he runs tutoring for LHS Student and plans on going to Medical school.  Gracious, poised, intelligent, kindly, with a strong presence, Benjamin is sure to carry on Gary's legacy of service, leadership and kindness .

     We set the bar high for a recipient of this scholarship and Benjamin far exceeded it. 

       Benjamin has accepted our offer to attend our reunion in the fall. We can't wait for all of you to meet him.

Benjamin Fieldsen and mom Zuleyka graciously attended our 50th Reunion so everyone could meet the recipient of our Scholarship.

Ben fieldsen and mom.jpg

Les Laputz, Benjamin Fieldsen and his lovely mom, Zuleyka Fieldsen.


Guess who we found?

Mr. Standish! 
He still looks the same!  It's not fair! We look older!

It was wonderful to find him and having a chance to share a few memories with him. He is just a beautiful person.

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