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My Life in Packing Boxes and Window Sills

By O.V.

(This post was submitted anonymously.)

Not sure if I’m 50 or 51, maybe you know. I was born at LHS in the Art department.

My first memory is of sitting on a table. I’m holding flowers and everyone is all dressed up real fancy. There is music and dancing. Could have been Jr Prom.

My “home” was on a shelf until graduation and then the adventures began.

My first packing box was my home for a few years as life keep me bouncing around a bit. After years of box life I hit the road. Make that many roads.

I was placed in the trunk of the Zephur and off to California. Now when I say I went the scenic route you have to understand it was the conversation of my drivers that I got all the details from. The plan was to put a dot on the map everywhere my drivers knew anyone. First stop Albany, NY not exactly the western route. We had stopped at Penn State, the Indy museum then came Kansas. Corn, Corn and more Corn. BORING!

Finally, a long stop in Colorado. Visited with Kim Evans (Pooler) and her family. Thanks to Mr. Pooler for educating my driver on traveling across the reservation. Colorado is nice but no Ocean, onward.

Setting out on a Sunday, how can you pass up a chance to attend services at the Air Force Academy Chapel. Oh, look at those beautiful snowflakes falling outside that giant window. Back in the Zephur and heading to Wolf Creek pass. First major discussion for my drives. “No, we can’t go through the pass today!!” “Yes, we can it’s just snow.” “Oh, look at that big sign the says DO NOT PROCEDE WITHOUT CHAINS.” Few drinks at the Best Western bar with some cowboys and a fresh start the next day, sunshine and 8 inches of snow.

Off to the Grand Canyon after a brief stop at the 4 Corners. Our third night in a hotel. My drivers were on a tight budget. Now I can’t tell how incredible it was cause I’m still in the trunk but I could hear those girls talking. My take is you have to see it for yourself!

A stop in Phoenix to visit a cousin. I’ll take green trees over cactus any day.

Tucson, more of the same. Cousin and cactus. Just FYI when they say don’t drink the water that means ice cubes too.

Our last day of driving. A pit stop in Yuma becomes the scariest part of the drive. Now when I say, “I love truckers,” I totally mean it. Don’t think we would have made it without him. He must of taken one look at those Yankee plates and knew my drivers were clueless. If you have ever been in a sandstorm you will understand. It was so hot, however we could not run the A/C. Fine sand is coming in the car and the A/C would just bring in more. That trucker kept us on his bumper, if we slowed down he would flash his lights till we caught back up. Those girls followed him to the first exit in San Diego so they could buy him a steak dinner but lost him at the light. There are good people out there.

So, California was the place of big changes.

First a Marine, a marriage and a beautiful baby girl. A couple of years and a couple of nice windowsills and a new word – ORDERS. “We have orders to Albany.” “New York??” “No Georgia.” On the road East in a big packing crate this trip.

A nice window in Georgia, a great view to watch that little girl grow. A peaceful two years and then a big Promotion. The Marine heads to school and the Family goes to Connecticut for a year.

More orders to a beautiful Island. The trip started a little rough. I was part of “household goods” and was impounded in the harbor. Finally, the government paid the bill and I joined the family. Oh, what a beautiful view from that window. Kids play in the streets like in was the sixties. The flowers, Amaryllis down the sidewalk and Poinsettia around the house. Three years went by way too fast. You guessed it, orders.

Back to California. Temecula was a nice little town back then. Vineyards, horse farms and rolling hills. Another nice window looking out on the cul-de-sac to watch the kids play. Did I mention the Bougainvillea plants hanging down the walkway. Just lovely.

Three years and off again. Are you seeing a pattern here? Yes, it is back to the East Coast this time Virginia Beach, VA. This time it is a very stressful year. Haze Gray and Underway. War. Thank God for good friends, wine and M&M’s. The next two years in Virginia Beach were fun. Those friends made during that time are still part of their lives. My window was wonderful, with a view of the lake. That girl loved to fish in fact she still does.

And off we go again, south to Jacksonville, North Carolina. Eight years in one place! I got very comfortable in my windowsill. Horses are now a full part of our lives. We started with a crazy Thoroughbred mare. Taught the girl so much but there is only so much crazy one can take. After 5 years she was replaced with a wonderful Appaloosa gelding that became the girl’s new best friend. Eight years flew by fast. Suddenly it was High School graduation and a retirement from the Marine Corps. No more orders, time for the family to make their own decisions.

Okay civilian world Colorado it is. Our girl has grown up and ready to be independent and is staying in Jacksonville. So, into my packing box I go (has anyone kept track of the miles) off to Colorado with the parents. I heard stories of tears all the way to the Mississippi. Not a great view from my window but I am still in one piece. Great news, after a year our girl is transferring to Art School in Denver. Horses and our girl are now close by. Still no Ocean in Colorado. It has been a couple of years and I now have company in my window still. All seem to be adjusting to civilian life.

Wait! What was that? Planes hijacked? Hope civilian life is over. Time to look for a real job. Civilian Marine, sure. Back to the East Coast, you bet. Back in my travel box and off we go, the College grad, one horse, the Marine and wife.

Life on Knotts Island is great. My window has a great view. I watch the barn being built and now watch that wonderful horse right there in the pasture. Our girl has grown but visits often.

Sad news today, we said go bye to our wonderful horse, he was 32. Lots of tears.

Twenty years in one place. Time for another retirement and one last move. Our girl lives in Raleigh and wants us to be closer. Oh, I love this window. There are deer in the morning and all kinds of birds. Soon there will be a Barndominium for our girl, her guy and all the horses. Can not wait to see that beautiful Appaloosa mare out my window.

Life is good, family, land, dogs, horses and beautiful gardens with flowers for me to hold. My journey started in the hall of Ledyard High and continues in this home in the hills of North Carolina.

Do any of you remember me?

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