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SUNDAY SEPT. 29, 2024

We had such a great time in 2023, why wait for 5 more years?


Sunday Picnic with the Nosmo Kings, Lee DeLisle's Band at Blonders Park, De Muria Pavilion, Ledyard, CT

Welcome LHS Class of 1973!

      At long last we enjoyed three days of getting together for our 50th Class Reunion where we reconnected with old friends and had the possibility of making some new ones.  Strolling through the hallways of the High School on Friday night opened everybody's memory bank and the stories emerged effortlessly. Memories around every corner, every sign and doorway.  As suspected when this paragraph was first written earlier in the year, some of those stories WERE true confessions or "now you know the rest of the story" memories. 

       Our hope now is to get together each year for a picnic like we had on the Sunday after the reunion and stay connected until our 55th when we will do another 'big event.'  Five years is too long to wait to continue what we started this year.  We have already booked the Blonders Field pavilion and  Lee DeLisle's band for another picnic on Sunday, Sept. 29, 2024. Details to be announced.  And who knows? Maybe we'll come up with things to do on Fri and Sat.  If you have any thoughts or ideas, please let us know.

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